PSW 600 light

Aluminum / wood

PSW 600 Light window combines the quality of materials, the beauty of the design and the versatility of the product suitable for any home. The system has a high degree of both economic and quality competitiveness.

Type of air-water sealing: open joint;
Glass application: with aluminum snap;
Frame sizes:

– Fixed frame depth: 58 mm
– Mobile Frame section: 83,1 mm
– Wall flap: 25 mm
– Height of the glass flap seat: 20,3 mm


  1. GLAZING interlocking aluminum which contributes to the isolation of the window shutter of
    the wooden frame, avoiding any stress from external atmospheric agents.
  2. WIDE INTERSPACE enabling rapid water flow.
  3. RATCHETS retaining wood which act as spacers between the two different materials, allowing
    different thermal range.
  4. HOLLOW GLASS of 32 mm. Piwood is the first system that has adopted such a large glass
    cavity, in order to mount high performance glass

Thermal Transmittance:: Uf = 3,39 W/(m2-K)

Extruded alloy profile: 6060 UNI 3569
State of finish: TA16
Tolerances: UNI 3879

PSW 600 light light system allows the creation of windows, French windows, doors, with single or double shutters with possible fixed shutters; allows the following types of controls: sliding, parallel, bottom hinged, hopper window.

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